Full Face Helmets For Cruise or Motorcycle Riders

Helmets are one of the most important and necessary accessory for motorcyclists. In many accidents a helmet is the difference between life and death, such is the importance of a motorcycle helmet. So here are a few full face helmets for cruise riders which are both high in quality and comfortable to use.

Simpson Ghost Bandit:
At 4.95 pounds this is good in weight and comfortable to use as it is made up of carbon fibre. Also the aerodynamic shape for the helmet makes the drag force of the helmet very low making it easy even at high speeds. The sun visor blocks a good amount of sun light and the inbuilt speakers allows you to connect to a mobile phone or GPS device which allows you to take calls or listen to the directions by the GPS device. Overall at around 400$ to 500$ this is a good buy for most people.

GDM Duke DK-140:
GDM Duke DK-140 priced at an affordable range of 100 bucks is available in four different sizes so motorcycle riders can choose that fits. It is made of lightweight alloys which makes it weight around just 4 pounds. Along with helmets you get two visors one clear and another tinted, also tinted gives you cool look. This can also be used on various vehicles like ATV/UTV, scooters, street bikes and more. Of all the features it had the best I like is the cool look it gives to the riders.

Shoei RF-1200:
Shoei is one of the best company in manufacturing motorcycle helmets in the industry and RF 1200 is another best full face helmet for cruise riders. RF 1200 is one of the lightweight model with sleek design, which makes the rider doesn’t even have a helmet. The aerodynamic design makes it very quiet and thereby making the ride a smooth and comfortable one. Also ventilation with 6 intakes and four exhaust makes it one of the best ventilation in the full face helmets for cruise or motorcycle riders.

Triangle Motorcycle Helmet:
The last full face helmet for cruise riders in the list is also the cheapest one for those who are on a budget. At around 50$ in price Triangle Motorcycle Helmet is the lowest and best at the price range. Here are the features of the helmet you are waiting for, it is available in 15 different color variations and also DOT approved helmet. It had a good ventilation system with inlets and exhausts making it comfortable for motorcycle riders. Also the helmet is available in four different sizes small, medium, large and extra-large. Overall it is suitable for most riders and good to use in normal climate if you are living in warmer climate then it may not provide enough ventilation.
These four full face helmets for motorcycle cruiser riders are covering not only of high quality but for different price ranges making it easy to select the best one for all budgets. If you like our selection of helmets share the article and comment below if you are having any questions.

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